Hotel Neon is the Philadelphia-based trio of Michael Tasselmyer, Andrew Tasselmyer, and Steven Kemner. Together they create immersive and atmospheric soundscapes aided by projected film and images.

Known for its heavy emphasis on enveloping walls of sound, Hotel Neon also injects subtle melody and improvisation to create a rich musical experience, one that rewards any level of listener scrutiny. Since forming in early 2013, the group has released four full-length albums through the Home Normal, Fluid Audio, and ARCHIVES labels.

Hotel Neon has toured extensively throughout the U.S.A. and collaborated with a global roster of audio and visual artists. At home in any kind of listening environment, Hotel Neon has presented its unique style of dense, layered drone to a wide range of audiences and varied settings, including basements, radio studios, and cavernous cathedrals alike.



"...a very rewarding and immersive listening experience." Headphone Commute

"...clearly attuned to the sonorous subtleties of their music, as evidenced by the cavernous reverberations...Hotel Neon's focus is enveloping atmosphere and sonic density..." Textura

"This ensemble works in the art of understatement, the art of the subconscious. Their music is devoid of system and dry formula, and enjoys intelligent company."  Star's End (WXPN-FM)

"The music is never in a hurry to go anywhere...The sorrow comes and goes in waves, occasionally replaced by hints of light, like the sun struggling to be seen through the clouds." A Closer Listen

"Hotel Neon has earned a loyal following presenting the sort of audio-visual performances that an audience can lose themselves in...a lovely example of what a group of skilled, self-assured ambient artists are capable of." Badd Press